Make It Beautiful – Nizhónigo Anílééh Designs provides a unique combination of services from floral designs with local plants and flowers in repurposed containers to include specialty gift baskets as well as hands on workshops through an Indigenous creative process and design products for the seasons & expressive lifestyles.  

Corsage & Boutonniere

Ya’at’eeh! Guwʾáadzí! Hello! I am Shandiin Sunrise the owner, creator, designer of Make It Beautiful Designs! I learned all the aspects of creating through both my parents, weaving from my mother who is Diné (Navajo) and Traditional performance, silversmith and organizing from my father who was Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo). I believe that any artistic creative process is a form of insight, communication and healing. As I create I communicate through my hands from my thoughts & heart. The statement “Nizhónigo Anílééh Shi yazhi / Make It Beautiful my little one” is something Shima (my mother) was told by her mother when creating.

I am excited to launch this website & share the many design ideas I have to offer! This is just the very beginning!

And don’t forget to always Make It Beautiful!


Stylized Floral Creations

Diné Tea – Ch’ił Dééh

Natures Medicine – Package bundles & tea bags are available!! Seasonal Tea!